Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yea, Lamey is the title for this post. Know why?? I'm not gonna use this blog's kinda boring isn't it. But I'm not going to delete it....keep it for memories...haha
And yea, this is the last post I'm gonna write for this blog okay....once I've made a new blog, I'll post bout relink stuffs =]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Parents Day!!

Yup, you guessed it right. It's parent's day today...I mean not for school haha...but ballet.
Holy CRAP PEOPLE!! FREAKIN NERVOUS!! I swear to god I was trembling the half first of the class. I was like OMG!!!O_O!!! I totally screwed up my steps, wrong directions and everything....aargh!!! but the second half was okay I guess...not soo bad.
But I'll do my VERY BEST and out all my effort and heart in it for my coming up ballet exam...
Now the only way to improve is to come to class everytime and in time and do it properly.
Well, that's all I have to say now...KImda lazy to write more...=.=" SO, BYE BYE!! CIAOZ!!! =]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Squad Keluar Baris!!

Hello to everyone. I dunno why but I just feel like blogging and don't ask me why.
I just came back from Scout camp today and had SUPER DAMN FUN!!! YIPPEE!!! But then, I feel very.......zzzzzzzzzz haha you got it right, sleepy...=]
OKay, I'm gonna blog as short as I can...I'll tell you the rest next time or maybe tomorrow or maybe who know when...
Kay, kay, continue...Okay got back from camp and just after reach home, I'm already missing them. Their like the colour and the energy of my life. How cool is that?!?! Thanks to Casper that we were able to be the best Patrol again like the latest camp but thanks to the other members too. For the one that didn't come, you should cuz it was SOO fun even though it was more challenging this time. Thank You For All Your HARDWORK EVERYONE!! LET'S DO OUR BEST! BEST! BEST! BEST! AGAIN~!!!
After came home, slept like dunno how long but I think from 2 to 9 O_O! damn long right? then had BBQ at my house. Talk with my cousin and met my old best cousin!! Azlin!! So long no! I'm being lazy now, so gonna go sleep...Ciaoz ppl!!...=] hope you enjoyed my boring blog...hehe

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Msg Just For You!!

Hey and hello to ABG ARIF!!!
I miss you alot big bro!! I hope your reading this...=] I've been lonely at home without you...I miss your voice but at least I can talk to you on Skype. I miss your presences, the way you tease and bully me. Even though I made ALOT of problems, I still had SUPER GREAT FUN with you. Like Tom & Jerry...=]
I heard your coming back on the day of my birthday but will arrive like the next day?? I hoped you'd been to Sport Day but at least you'll be there for Swimming Gala right?? I made some friends in school but most of them are seniors which are almost all of them are Abg Aimii and Aiman's friends, but some of them are from cheer too..=]
The last thing I want from you is my 14th Birthday present and being there for me and coming back home being the same brother who I've known for soo long but not the meanie type though...=]
I talked to you on Skype today made me feel SOO alive and happy and it made me smile all the way when I was talking to you. I felt my cheek getting soo red just by smiling soo much because I never smiled that much...=]
You saw the kittens pictures right?? I still need to name em, hope you can help me out with it...=] One thing to remind you...=] better remember my blog website so that next time, you can see what's happening to me when your away in UK...=] I will upload the Sport Day pictures for you, on facebook and on blog...I look weird soo yeah...=] Do comment on my chatbox okay.
When you come back, I'm gonna take LOADS of pictures of you and me and kakak and post it EVERYWHERE!!! WHEE!! And yea, don't worry, I don't have a bf okay...even though I have one, I'm not ready for THAT kind of relationship. Why? Breakups...jeez...I don't really understand but I know it'll hurt ALOT..=]
The next time we talk, you better tell me can go ahead and comment on the post or either write on the chatbox. So, visit my blog often cuz I'll reply on there...=] I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOADS!!! XOXOXOXO <3>
P.S.: YOU ROCK MY LIFE!!!...=] <3>

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally Over

Hey PeopleS!!

Sport Day is Finally over and all our nervousness and all other feelings has calmed us down. Sport Day was Fun....Congrats to Yellow House for getting First place and 2nd place for Cheerleading...=]

Spotted ALOT of people taking picture, cheering their friends, chatting, buying drinks/foods and walking here and there of course. The teachers is the one that looks SOO busy...haha...

On that day, after going out to OU with the cheerleaders, I went home. I started getting bored so I took some pictures of my Kittens. Their SOO SUPER UBER CUTE!! I'll upload it. I'll also upload pictures of Sport Day but I have to do it later cuz I haven't really put the whole pics in the comp yeah...

Hope you enjoy this, especially you Julia...=] Miaow!!

I call this one (up) Yuki!!

Peekabo!! I see you!! (up)

Gonna doze off....zzz -_-" Half awake...haha

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at the pics. I'll upload more when I have the time but for now...NEEDA GO! SO, CIAOZ!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey people who just woke up!! Yes, I know I've been NOT blogging alot these days. CuZ I feel like malas when I'm free and when I want to blog, I'm not free...DAMN BUSY these days.
Sport Day is just coming around like this coming Friday man!! Got CHEER PRACTISE!! Needa work SUPER hard!! Wanna WIN this yea!! WHOO HOO!! GO RED TEAM, GO RED HOUSE, YEAH! YEAH! OH YEAH! GO RED! GO! GO! GO RED!! Gonna TRAIN with ALL my MIGHT YEAH!!
Haha....I simply add people from facebook's e-mail to my msn....haha....not ALL lar of course... Later people think I'm stranger and like a person who likes to add people only...=.=....YESTERDAY, I went swimming and met Billini. My first training in school. Wow! DAMN HARD!! But I'll try harder to get more stamina and energy and swim faster to defear BILLINI!!...She got more stamina then I do...I got a very low stamina I tell you. SWIMMING GALA HERE I COME!!!!! XD
Yes, I know I'm blogging here like a crazy person. I wanna put nice pictures!! But my dad haven't buy my promised-to-buy camera....sob..T.T...So, I was wondering if I could put some of my edited anime pictures....if you allow me, leave a aye in my chatbox. If it's a "no, bad idea" put nay on my chatbox....thanks...=]
HOLY CRAP!! I just remembered that Sport Day is just in 5 DAYS!! *GASPS* WHAT THE HELL!! I'M SOO NERVOUS NOW!! WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO NOW!! SHIT! CRAP!! HELL!!! HELP!!!! Well, gonna do my best for cheer!!...=]
It's VERY late, so I guess I'm going to sleep now, so DAMN tired from all those swimming here and there at the training. I ALMOST had left leg cramp. Tomorrow wanna wake up late to have a good rest then do a few push ups and sit ups and so now......Ciaoz!!